What is HadsUp?

Hadsup is an Online Marketplace for Out Of Home Advertisers.
Connecting Out Of Home locations wanting to rent out their advertising spots with advertisers looking for advertising spaces in specific locales.

How Does HadsUp Help Advertisers?

Five easy steps for advertisers to book their campaigns with HadsUp App on indoor/outdoor displays.
1. Search for Ad Spots

Search Ad spots where you want to advertise your brand and view Spots details.

2. Adjust Date & Slots

Select Date of campaign and the slots where you want to advertise your brand.

3. Add Your Visuals

You can add your ad visuals or Hadsup will provide them for you if you don't have any.

4. Publish Campaign

Once you have published your campaign, Hadsup AI will collect customer information.

5. Monitor Performance

Now you can measure and learn more about your customers with HadsUp Advertising.

What is the Tech Behind HadsUp?

All HadsUp Smart
Displays are Plug & Play.

Operated by HadsUp unique AI-BOX.

All HadsUp Advertising Displays are Smart, Plug & Play. They are operated by HadsUp unique AI-BOX unit attached to them at the Out Of Home Locations.

Why is HadsUp different?

Because We

Provide quick and easy way for advertisers to reach their targeted out of home audiences online.

Bring lost local advertisings back to the industry.

Are for every level of advertisers.

Measure Effectiveness of Out Of Home Campaigns.

How Does HadsUp Collect Real-time Data?

The AI-integrated camera from Smart Concepts captures viewer details from locations and sends them to HadsUp CMS for analysis.

HadsUp’s displays have the ability of :

Age Verification

Face Detection

Gender Recognition

Face Mask Detection

Mood Estimating

Face Analysis Technology

Face Tracking

People Counting

Face Blur

Face Analytics

AI-Powered HadsUp Displays

At HadsUp, we combine our AI-collected data with public data for a specific location where Ad Spot is located. Together, they provide rich statistics for each campaign launched on our platform.

Monitoring Your Campaign

Advertisers can monitor their campaigns daily on their dashboards.

HadsUp AI Profile Data 2022

Revolutionary Ad-Tech platform

Potential Audiences

Our AI technology generates the data with the cameras mounted on each screen. Current network of groceries have more male visitors. With the upcoming high street and shopping network HadsUp is aiming to reach both genders equally.

Target Age Groups

People most Exposed to our screens are between 31-40 years old with almost %55 of all groups. In general, Communities between 21 to 51, which are spenders and decision makers are %91 of our total viewers.

Analytics that will help you

Reaching an average of 4.4M people monthly in London with 150 adspots. Starting with Q1 2023 targeting to reach 10M people with total number of 320 screens.

HadsUp screens directly watched for monthly average of 3.4M seconds. With the unlimited capability of our digital screen network, being creative drives more attention..

Four times higher time of average 13.4M seconds are spent within the viewing range of our 150 screens..

Active HadsUp Ad Spots

More than 148 Active Ad Spots are available and more are coming soon...

Some Of HadsUp Installed Locations

HadsUp Smart Concepts are located in popular locations where it engages a wider audience. You can see some sneak peek here..

For every level of Advertisers

Finding the cost of the advertising on the HadsUp platform is easy & fully transparent.