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How Does the HadsUp work?

The following are the simple steps of how HadsUp actually works.

Setting Up Ad Spot

HadsUp hardware and Software production team designs and manufactures different types of Advertising Display Screens and integrates with its developed software in each of these screens. HadsUp teams combine them with the latest technology display features with unique AI technology on each of them. At the end of the process, each product becomes a HadsUp Display Concept. Then, HadsUp installation and maintenance team arranges the out-of-home locations to set up the Display Concepts. After all these processes, each display concept becomes a HadsUp Ad Spot.

Selling Slots

With HadsUp Online platform, advertisers can plan and book their campaigns online in seconds. Advertisers can rapidly track and update all digital ads (inc. 3D animated ads) on the HadsUp platform. Thanks to HadsUp AI technology, advertisers can collect big data daily and trace and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Each campaign generates a daily turnover for each AdSpot in HadsUp platform.

HadsUp Bits

HadsUp Bits allow investors to earn passive income from their investments. Each Ad Spot contains 20 bits, and each bit gets a 20% revenue share from Ad Spot bookings every day. After purchasing, HadsUp Bits will be activated in 48 hours and active for four years.

Calculating One Bit Revenue Every Day

HadsUp is a transparent and egalitarian platform. HadsUp system calculates daily turnover for all of the Ad Spots and puts them in a pool. After calculating system turnover, it calculates each bit earned by dividing the number of active Ad Spots. This calculation gives the revenue of each bit. HadsUp investors make money depending on the number of their owned bits, revenue percentage, and each bit earning. Each calculation occurs every morning, and investors can see an increase in their balances.

Ad Spot Turnover

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