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What is HadsUp Advertising Revenue Share?

HadsUp advertising displays are working on the various locations.

Each Advertising display works under revenue share partnership model.

Leasing advertising screen through HadsUp gives a seamless opportunity for passive income seekers to be a Franchise Partner in HadsUp.

Follow up revenue share earnings with HadsUp Partner App.

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franchise partner at HadsUp?

Sharing is the way to grow, and that is what HadsUp is Up for.

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Number of screen to Lease

£ 172.10

Monthly Payment Amount


Leasing term in Months

Sample- ROI Table - Annual


£ 10,000.00

Potential NET Revenue

£ 2,065.00

Lease Cost - yearly

£ 7,935.00

NET Revenue after Lease Cost

£ 793.0010.00%

Franchisee Revenue Earning(Profit)

£ 27.40


£ 10,000.00


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Please note that a light credit check will be performed as part of the application process for finance. This check may show on your credit history. Thank you for your understanding.